Friday, May 10, 2013

Tour Post #10

Tour Co-hosts:
The Writers Voice is a multi author blog where prominent authors from around the web come together and share their thoughts on all things literary or otherwise. Here is a peek at our team of authors!

Where do you do your best writing?
Do you like to have certain surroundings?

“Nope! I am like my own little cat in the hat book. Give me a laptop or a pen and paper and I can write just about anywhere.”
–Emma Michaels

“In my new office, which is bright yellow with large sliding glass doors that let in lots of light.”
–Quinn Loftis

“I often do my best writing in my head just before I fall asleep. That can be frustrating, as I want to get the ideas down on paper, but I’m nowhere near any!”
–Raine Thomas

“I do most of my writing right now at home either on the couch or sitting at the counter, but up until a couple months ago, I was writing while sitting in my car during my lunch hour or in my workplace break room. So I’ve learned to be adaptable and write wherever and whenever the time comes up.”
–Shana Norris

“I do my best writing in my living room when no one else is home. Having the television on seems to help as well.”
–Tanya Contois

“I can write anywhere my kids are not.”
–Carlyle Labuschagne

“I write at my computer, which is in my bedroom. I like to have a quiet atmosphere. Though this is what I prefer, I can write on my laptop anywhere I go. That is the great thing about writing; you can do it anywhere.”
–Victoria Simcox

“I write in my office, surrounded by my books. I have a really beautiful view out of my window, which helps me think.”
–Frankie Rose

“I have a settee with a high back on one side that sits next to a window overlooking the front yard. It’s comfy and peaceful. During the winter, though, I have to wear a baseball hat because the sun streams in and I can’t see my computer screen.”
–Brenda Pandos

“In a room by myself at a desk with lots of quiet.”
–Amy Maurer Jones

“If you know me then you’d already know that I’m in love with the local community college library. It’s my home-away-from-home. My best work is done in that building. My creative juices just flow much smoother when surrounded by literature.”
–Michael Loring

“I have a loft area we use as a family room. I love looking out on the woods in the back of my house. I also like silence….unless I’m writing a scene that I need a vibe - Evanescence and My Chemical Romance are my ‘go-to’ musicians.”
–Devyn Dawson

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